Types of Units

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units

At Crown Refrigeration & AC, we specialize in servicing and installing various types of commercial refrigeration units to meet the unique needs of businesses in Fort Pierce, FL, and surrounding areas. Our expertise extends to the following types of commercial refrigeration units:

Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers are large refrigeration units that provide ample storage space for perishable goods. They are commonly used in restaurants, grocery stores, and foodservice establishments. Walk-in coolers offer the flexibility to store a wide range of products at different temperature settings. Whether you need to keep fresh produce, dairy products, or beverages at the optimal temperature, our team can help you select and install the right walk-in cooler for your business.

Reach-in Coolers

Reach-in coolers are compact and convenient refrigeration units commonly found in convenience stores, retail establishments, and commercial kitchens. They are designed for easy access to stored items, making them ideal for displaying and storing beverages, dairy products, and other items that require refrigeration. Our experts can assist you in selecting the right reach-in cooler that meets your specific space requirements and cooling needs.


Freezers are essential for businesses that need to preserve frozen foods for extended periods. From grocery stores and restaurants to food processing facilities, freezers play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of perishable items. We offer a range of commercial freezers to suit different business needs, including upright freezers, chest freezers, and walk-in freezers. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right freezer size and configuration to meet your storage capacity and freezing requirements.

Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are vital for businesses in the foodservice industry, bars, and hotels. They produce ice in various forms, such as cubes, flakes, or nuggets, depending on the specific needs of your establishment. Our team has extensive experience working with different types and brands of commercial ice machines. We can help you select and install the right ice machine that delivers the ice production capacity and ice quality your business demands.

At Crown Refrigeration & AC, we understand that each business has unique refrigeration needs. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of various commercial refrigeration units and can provide expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need repair, maintenance, or installation services for your commercial refrigeration units, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions.

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